Thirteen new startups were created during the 2019 Techstars Startup Weekend Monterey Bay held January 25-27, 2019 at CSUMB’s University Center. Close to 100 people (both students and community members) signed up for this event, 35 pitched new business ideas on Friday evening and thirteen of those ideas were selected by the participants as good ideas to work on over the weekend. On Saturday and Sunday, sixteen coaches volunteered their time mentoring these new startups and helped them develop and practice their pitches. On Sunday evening all thirteen teams pitched to a panel of five judges which evaluated them on their business model, customer validation and execution and design.

The judges chose the following winners:

First Place Winners: Naming Convention

Status Weekend 2019 winners: Naming Conventions

First Place Winner: ​Naming Convention

Naming Convention ​created a working prototype product to
increase productivity in marketing departments around the world by automating the process of creating and inserting structured naming conventions for their digital marketing campaigns.

Other winners:

Second Place & Crowd Favorite​ ​– Loop​: ​A web- and mobile-based platform for students to
exchange new and used goods within their college community ​(plan to starts at CSUMB campus)
Third Place​ – ​Derma Care:​ An online platform helping individuals with acne by providing
them treatment suggestions and connecting them to a supportive community.
Honorable Mention​ – ​Our Village:​ We connect moms and support them in building community to cooperatively address their needs – because we believe it does take a village to raise a child.

The other sta​rtup companies:

Awarenest​: A marketplace connecting health and wellness teachers to those who wish
to improve their physical and mental well-being.
FlameX: ​A home safety system to protect the structure and exterior of the home from
the destruction of wildfires.
Food Fit​: On demand tailored meal preps.
Hiking Exchange​: Providing a platform to provide outdoor activities
Hoop Dream​: Non-profit organization to grow interest for basketball youth in Kuwait
In on It: ​A social network for cannabis users providing the customer with cannabis deals
in his/her community they may not be aware of.
Join Me​ :An app that brings people together through a mapping application. Hosts can
show tourists events and activities in the area happening right now.
Loan Maven:​ Providing lending solutions for individuals with high and complex income
Stay Up​: Build a platform to enable college and high schools to drive mental health
awarenessamongstudents. (plantostartatCSUMBcampus)