Medical Cannabis Technology Showcase

Blue Diamond Ventures Inc. and Cann10 North America, present an overview of opportunities and technologies in the Medical Cannabis industry. Hosted by the Monterey Incubator.

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The BIG Santa Cruz Pitch Fest

This is it! The Big Santa Cruz Pitch Fest!

Eight (8) startups will pitch for cash, prizes, and glory:
– First Place – $5,000 in cash & services (* and it could be way more!)
– Second Place – $2,500 in cash & services
– Third Place – $1,000 in cash & services
– People’s Choice – $1,000 in cash & services

1st, 2nd, 3rd and People’s Choice winners will also have the opportunity to pitch at a later date in front of the Santa Cruz Works selection committee to be a part of the Santa Cruz Works Accelerator next cohort. The Santa Cruz Works Accelerator is providing up to $100,000 in funding (Yeah, you read that right, $100,000 in funding!!!). Apply now. More info and application:


DO YOU WANT TO PITCH? You need to apply to the Santa Cruz Works Accelerator at:

DO YOU WANT TO HELP SPONSOR THIS EVENT? we accept services and/or cash. Apply at:

Presented by Santa Cruz Works and the Santa Cruz New Tech Meetup.

Santa Cruz Works Accelerator Proudly Collaborates With and Is Supported By UCSC

Monterey Makers – Making Stuff

• What we’ll do
Quad copters, 3d printing, CAD tools, laser cutters, you name it. It’s about making stuff.

• What to bring
Bring your mind, your cool tool, your interests, and your expertise.

• Important to know
We are a lively group with lots of tools, viewpoints, and capabilities, growing a community together. Bring your brain!

Startup Monterey Bay Tech Meetup

Startup Monterey Bay Tech Meetup is the place to go to meet aspiring entrepreneurs, get news about what’s happening with local startups, get help and get inspired! SMBTM features pitches from startups, news about startups in Monterey Bay, music, fun, and games. Join us as we build the Monterey startup community!

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MBIT – Monterey Bay Information Technologists

• What we’ll do
Guest speakers (sometimes a surprise, always fascinating) meet the members and discuss information technology issue sin the world of today. You never know who you might meet!

• What to bring
Bring your brain, your attention, and your interest.

• Important to know
This can be pretty techie at times, but we always bring it back to reality with your questions and ours.

Empresari@ Orientation – Salinas

¿Estas interesado/a en el programa Empresari@ de este otoño? Acompañanos durante la orientación para que aprendas más sobre este programa!  

Empresari@ Salinas Orientación – Miércoles, 5 de septiembre de 6pm a 8pm. 

El programa del Empresari@ está siendo ofrecido en las ciudades de Salinas y Watsonville. Para mas información llame al 831-722-1224

Más sobre el programa del Empresari@:

Empresari@ es un programa de educación de negocios donde el participante es capacitado en como planificar, comercializar y administrar su negocio. El programa dura 10 semanas y se ofrece dos veces por año en varias ciudades de los condados de San Benito, Santa Cruz y Monterey. 

Harvest Month – Santa Cruz County Ag Tech Meetup

We are back at Driscoll’s Headquarters for this month’s Meetup! We have a great lineup for this month. You won’t want to miss this one. Come hear from some leaders in agriculture and ag-technology.

5:30pm Networking and Dinner

6:00pm Presentations

Welcome from your hosts:
• Jacob Martinez, Digital NEST
• Khaled Mabrouk, Sustainable Productivity Solutions LLC

• Scott Hawkins, Hawkins Engineering
• Tom Taggert, Sambrailo
• Erik Jertberg, AgPro Robotics

7:00pm Open Mic and Networking

21st Century Marketing

This month we will be featuring Lesley Everett, author of Walking Tall and Corporate Brand Personality. Lesley is an international speaker and expert on personal branding, working primarily with luxury brands, taking them to that ultimate level of customer experience with an authentic values-led focus.

The Meetup: Websites, social media, and mobile platforms are more than just new marketing tools – they have fundamentally changed our approach to marketing. Developing a 21st century marketing mindset, and mastering the skills to implement that mindset, are critical to successfully competing for customers today.

In these Meetups, we explore together how to harness the power of 21st Century Marketing! The Meetups will feature informative presentations and discussions and the Tip of the Month. Join us for a valuable evening!


The New Math for Marketing


Marketing in the 21st century is radically different than it was in the 20th century. Blame it on technology. Or thank technology.  But changed it has, and we have to change with it. Continuing to use a 20th century marketing mindset to design 21st-century marketing programs is missing opportunities. Here’s how to think about marketing in this new century.

I grew up in the latter half of the last century and learned marketing in the 1980s. The heroes of marketing were Coca Cola, who spent more money on advertising than any other company in the world yet had pretty much the lowest marketing-$-per-unit cost of any of the soda companies; and Procter and Gamble, the company that brought us Ivory Soap, Tide and Brand Management. But I advise startups and growing companies now, nearly 20 years into the new century, and the changes in marketing technology have required me to re-tool my marketing knowledge and skills. The “marketing math” I learned in the 1980s just doesn’t work anymore; it’s time for the “new math” of marketing.

The Golden Age of Broadcast…

The 20th century saw the rise of mass media.  Radio, TV, print on a scale never seen before.  These broadcast technologies allowed one person, or one show, or one marketer, to speak to millions of people at the same time. A single ad could be created and sent out to the entire nation!

This was the age of one-to-many marketing communications.  One message, many recipients.  Incredible efficiency and reach.  A Golden Age of Broadcast led to a Golden Age of Marketing!

Becomes the New Age of Search and Social Media

Fast forward to the 21st century (now). The internet, Google, Facebook, Twitter – these are the technologies that have emerged over the past two decades. They reach far beyond the TV or radio signal of the old technologies – they can reach nearly every corner of the globe, nearly every person on the planet.  No longer just communicating to just millions, but billions.

But these are not just 20th-century technologies on steroids.

One-to-many Communication Becomes One-to-one Communication

In the broadcast world, everyone gets the same signal. Meaning everyone gets the same message. Like Henry Ford’s manufacturing – “You can have any color you want, as long as it’s black,” marketing messages were limited in their tailoring. With broadcast technologies, the ability to “target” a message to a group of customers is very limited; you can choose to advertise to those people who watch the Beverly Hillbillies or those who watch 60 minutes, but everyone who watches the Beverly Hillbillies sees the same message. Targeting messages was limited to choosing the subset of the recipients you were most interested in communicating to, tailoring the message to that group, and ignoring that other people will receive a message not really meant for them.

Not so with the new technologies. Recently, I and my family got some Ice Cream at McConnel’s in Santa Barbara. I paid with a credit card but declined to take a receipt or give them my email address to email me a receipt. That same day, an email from McConnel’s showed up in my inbox that said, “Hey friend, we want to celebrate your birthday…but we don’t know when it is!” They knew where to find me, thanks to Square, who they use to process their credit cards, and who knows where to find me (from past transactions) and is very happy to share that information with the retailers.

Now marketers (that’s us) can know specifically who is on the receiving end of our communication. If a consumer does a search for “women’s shoes,” Google knows it. They not only know that someone searched for women’s shoes, they know that that person searched for women’s shoes. And they can connect shoe sellers to that person.  They can then follow that person on the internet and bombard you with shoe ads for the next several minutes, hours or even days. And they may even know more about her buying habits – what kinds of shoes she’s purchased in the past, how she has responded to price promotions – and can then choose which specific shoes they show her and how they price them for her.

And One-way Communication Becomes Two-way Conversation

The recipients of communications through these new media can TALK BACK. They can respond. In real time. And then the company can respond back to them. One-to-one interactive conversations – and thanks to software we can carry on many (massively many) of these one-to-one conversations at the same time.

The New Math

blackboard with mathOne-to-many one-way communications has become many one-to-one two-way conversations. Today, we can have millions of customized one-to-one conversations at the same time. Millions, or even billions, of tailored conversations. And purchase is just a click away.

With broadcast messages we talked to some extra people who we were not really intending to target, but hey, no harm done, right?  We were still talking to lots of the right people. Right?

Pretty much yes, that was right.  In 1950.

By using this same approach today, in 2018, we’re not only missing the capabilities of the new technologies. We’re also not exploiting the changes in how buyers can respond to the message we send to them.  

With the 20th-century technologies, buyers can respond in real time.  Even if they don’t “buy now,” they can visit your website, sign up, tell their friends, set a reminder, all without delay. If we create a pathway from our initial communication to purchasing, and leave good breadcrumbs (“click here”) to follow the pathway, we can lead them to purchasing much more reliably than we ever could before.

Since we’re talking to them on their phones, or on their tablets, or computers, why not give them a little nudge and get them to click. Click! They’re on your website. Click! They’re looking at your product. Click! It’s in their shopping cart. Click! It’s being shipped to them, and if they don’t hurry home it’ll be there before they are.

Marketing in the 21st Century

Forget Awareness-Interest-Desire-Action.  This is Click-to-Click-to-Click-to-Click. Want them to click? Give them an incentive: “Click now and get 20% off.” “Click now and get a free hat.” Want them to click? Give them an itch they can’t resist scratching: “Click here to find out that one weird trick that will shave inches off your midriff.” “Click here to see the five steps to independent wealth.”

The marketing game for many if not most companies is not “let’s spend millions on advertising to create awareness.” Maybe Coke can play that game.  Most of us can’t and shouldn’t. The marketing game now is about creating engagement and action in real time.

21st Century Marketing just doesn’t look like your grandfather’s marketing!

Brad Barbeau is Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship at CSU Monterey Bay and Executive Director of the Institute for Innovation and Economic Development at CSU Monterey Bay. He is also the Principal and Founder of Ascend Business Design & Development.  



Startup Monterey Bay Tech Meetup

Startup Monterey Bay Tech Meetup is the place to go to meet aspiring entrepreneurs, get news about what’s happening with local startups, get help and get inspired! SMBTM features pitches from startups, news about startups in Monterey Bay, music, fun, and games. Join us as we build the Monterey startup community! 

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