Monterey Bay DART – June 2019 Meetup

This meetup will focus on agriculture and natural resource management applications and will kickoff UCANR’s DroneCamp (California State University Monterey Bay and Fort Ord Natural Reserve, June 18-21).

UCANR’s Sean Hogan & Island Conservation’s Tommy Hall.

Sean Hogan – UC Ag & Natural Resources
Sean Hogan is the founder and Director of the IGIS Drone Service Center. He has extensive experience in a wide range of UAS drone mapping and data collection projects, and is an expert on several drone platforms. He is also the UC ANR designated authority for drone operations. Sean developed the IGIS drone workshop model combining theory, equipment familiarization, regulations, hands-on flight practice, and data processing and analysis. Sean received his PhD in Geography at UC Davis. He was also a member of the UC Davis Center for Spatial Technology and Remote Sensing, providing GIS and remote sensing support for interests in precision agriculture, monitoring natural resources and calibration of NASA’s airborne imagers. His favorite drone is the eBee Plus.

Tommy Hall – Project Manager
Tommy earned his BS in biology from California Polytechnic, San Luis Obispo, where he worked on a variety of biology and ecology projects. Traveling with his father in the mountains of California and around the world served as the catalyst for igniting Tommy’s passion for preserving the beauty of natural ecosystems. As an avid outdoorsman, Tommy enjoys fishing, hunting, surfing, and backcountry snowboarding. A skilled photographer, Tommy captures photos of native island species and their habitats; his images play an important role in communicating Island Conservation’s mission and can be seen throughout our website and outreach materials. Tommy’s scientific background combined with his advanced skills in the field make him an essential member of Island Conservation’s Conservation Operations team.

Drone, Automation and Robotics Technology logo

UCANR 2019 Drone Camp

The UCANR IGIS team will hold its next DroneCamp training June 17-20, 2019, at UC Monterey Bay Education Science & Technology (UCMBEST) Center.

This intensive short course covers the full suite of steps and skills for using drones for mapping and data collection, including:

  • UAV and sensor technology
  • Safety and regulations
  • Mission planning
  • A full day of flight operations and hands-on practice
  • Principles of photogrammetry and remote sensing
  • Data management, processing, and analysis
  • Sharing and visualizing outputs

Additional information including  an agenda and registration details can be found at The registration fee for this three-day short course is $900 ($500 for University of California students and employees).

Intellectual Property with Patrick Reilly

IP lawyer Patrick Reilly shares his legal knowledge and how to protect your business no matter which industry you’re in.

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Most tech start-ups have intellectual capital to protect. It may simply be know-how, a trademark, a novel product concept, an algorithm, or perhaps a business or IT process you created along the way. Whatever it is, learn what steps you might take to increase the appeal of your firm for investment and protect your creativity from being copied.

In This Clinic You Will Learn:
– An overview of trademark, patent, copyright and trade secret protection
– Issues in implementing a budget-conscious intellectual property (IP) strategy

What To Bring:
– Examples of your secured intellectual capital
– Questions about intellectual property you have yet to protect
– General questions about IP law and strategy to increase your value

A Bit About Pat Reilly:
Patrick Reilly is a Patent and intellectual property attorney experienced in patent and trademark prosecution, specifically in the methods and devices of the Internet of things, the technology areas of consumer electronics, and software-enabled processes.

Prior to attending law school, Patrick served 16 years as a sales engineer, global account manager, and high technology marketer. His sales and marketing achievements include OEM contract negotiations, electronic/Internet system deployment, and online entertainment.

Patrick is the Founder and CEO of the Intellectual Property Society ( He has successfully maintained his law firm for over 15 years. He specializes in patent prosecution, trademark prosecution and assertion, copyright registration and assertion, and negotiating IP licensing agreements.

– Doors Open: 6:00PM
– Pizza & Beverages
– Presentation: 6:30PM
– Coaching Clinic: 7:15PM

Tickets: $20

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– Santa Cruz Accelerator

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Seaside and Marina Early Care and Education Hackathon

There are 4 children (age 0–5) for every 1
licensed child care slot.
Families spend 27% of their incomes on
child care.
Only 25% of children are ready for kindergarten.
Join us for a community problem-solving hackathon with a focus on child care availability in Seaside and Marina.
We will develop actionable strategies that:

  •  Increase the number of licensed slots.
  • Support the preschool workforce.
  • Support families.
  • Build capacity of local informal child care providers.
  • Raise awareness of needs and help advocate for change.

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Deneen Guss Monterey County Superintendent of Schools

Who should attend?
Employers, child care providers, parents, policy makers, developers, educators, & funders.

Funding Startups with Craig Vachon

Serial entrepreneur and financing expert, Craig Vachon, shares insight into how to best position yourself to receive the funding you need.

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Whether it’s family and friends round to get you started, an Angel or VC round, or a bridge loan needed for short term cash flow. Know what’s best for you and what you need to be able to go get it. Raising money takes preparation and time. Knowing how you expect to raise money and the criteria you’ll need to meet, factor large in many early — and later — company decisions. Position yourself correctly and you’ll have a much easier time.

In This Clinic You Will Learn:
– Finding investment isn’t for those who aren’t willing to work hard for it
– Finding the right investor is often the most difficult part [Spray and Pray never works]
– The five key attributes that investors are looking for
– Techniques for matching your needs with different funding approaches

What To Bring:
– Ideas on who you want to secure funding from
– Current plan and timeline on when you want to raise money
– All questions on funding

A Bit About Craig Vachon:
Craig Vachon is a serial entrepreneur and investor. Over his career, he has earned $1.5B in new investment for 31 projects (including two PE/VC funds) in seven different countries. Craig has led companies in London, Tokyo, Taipei, Maharashtra India, Northern California and Vancouver BC.

Craig formerly served as the COO of Nextel International, CEO of Sirenic Inc., and the CEO of Varatouch acquired by Atrua. Most recently Craig served as the Chief Commercial Officer at Anchorfree. Craig is currently the MD Chowdahead Growth Fund [angel investments], a Senior Partner at Next Stage [a Paris-based private equity fund with €6.6B AUM], and a Central Coast Angel member. Craig has over 30 years of tech experience and has even given a TedTalk on the importance of privacy.

– Doors Open: 6:00PM
– Pizza & Beverages
– Presentation: 6:30PM
– Coaching Clinic: 7:15PM

Tickets: $20

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Startup Challenge 2019 student winner

Institute Student Wins Startup Challenge Monterey Bay’s Student Division

by Jason Warburg


Charge City, a proposal by Middlebury Institute student Erin Lannon MAIEP ’19 for a turnkey charging solution for electric vehicles, recently won the Student Division of the 10th annual Startup Challenge Monterey Bay, beating out two other finalists to take home first prize of $1,500 in seed money.

“Winning the StartUp Challenge was exhilarating and rewarding!” said Lannon. “The Charge City idea came to me a few months ago and I was able to fine tune my idea through Professor Jeff Langholz’s Green Business Feasibility Assessment class.” The International Environmental Policy student envisions transforming small and medium-sized business parking lots into Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (EVCS), with the goal of installing two to 10 charging stations per location. The business model employs incentives offered by the State of California to offer businesses zero-cost-down charging station installations. “Over the summer I plan to incorporate, raise seed capital and launch a pilot at a medium sized business in Santa Ana, Orange County. I’ll be running on the lean start-up model with the goal of scaling in 2020.”

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Startup Challenge 2019 Grand Prize

Santa Cruz Tech Beat announces Startup Challenge 2019 winner

By Aliza Hava
Founder & CEO of Musician’s BASS – Business Administration Software for Success
Special to
Santa Cruz Tech Beat

May 21, 2019 — Seaside, CA


Aliza Hava wins the top award for “Excellence in Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Commercialization” at The Startup Challenge. Here’s the backstory.

Two years ago I had an idea for a platform that would help independent musicians manage their careers more effectively. After touring the world as an independent singer/songwriter for nearly a decade, working with multi-platinum, Grammy-winning producers, and having my songs included on soundtracks with the likes of Jackson Browne, Ani DiFranco, and Lucinda Williams, I found that despite my achievements, I was having trouble earning a sustainable income. I began to research online music marketing techniques and signed up for every DIY music platform available. But after using many of these tools for some time, I discovered that most of what’s out there falls short of what’s actually needed to manage my workflow, break through the noise, and make a living in the now digitally-driven music industry.

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KSBW covers Startup Challenge 2019

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