Monterey Tech Meetup

A Meetup where entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs, innovators, local start-ups, and businesses can meet, learn, tell others about what you’re up to, find out what they’re up to, and enjoy the camaraderie with other entrepreneurs. Investors, entrepreneurs, local businesses, anyone interested in the latest innovations, trends in business and technology or the latest and greatest ideas should come!

Coworking Spaces

Office environments offering shared work space through open and private office work areas, often include community atmosphere. Workers are individuals and businesses, independent professionals, freelancers, and/or remote workers.

Professional Services

Professional services including legal, banking, accounting and design provide critical business development capabilities. As you develop your entrepreneurial vision you may need access to these services, which are summarized here for your benefit.

Economic Development Organizations (EDOs)

Dedicated to the economic development of towns, cities, counties, regions or states. Typically government agencies, public-private partnerships, or non-governmental organizations (NGOs) working together with other actors to improve the regional economy they focus on.

Startup Competitions

Integral entrepreneurship ecosystem components held locally, regionally, and nationally throughout the year. The Startup Challenge is the premier Monterey Bay regional competition held each winter and spring. Other competitions are summarized for your benefit.