This is a 3-day innovation technology development competition for students at CSUMB and local colleges. Student teams work together to create prototype technology projects to solve community problems.

Each year features a different theme for which apps are developed by students from CSUMB, area colleges, and high schools.

Free for CSUMB students, other students $49, General $99. Save the date for the annual Hackathon! For more information, visit the Next Event page

Please use the following PROMO codes for students:

  CSUMB-SMB for School of Computing & Design students
 CSUMB-OTTER for all other CSUMB students
  CABRILLO-HACK for Cabrillo students

Startup Hackathon 2018

Tech Save America: World Looks to CSUMB Hackathon for Solutions!

America’s way of life faces ever-increasing threats.  Wildfires, floods, hurricanes, drug addiction, fake news, election meddling–the challenges touch more and more lives each year. Effective response requires innovative, technology-based solutions.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to create new approaches, new technologies, new inventions that address these challenges.   We need students and teams of students from across the campus; all fields, including students from computer science, environmental science, health and human services, cinematic arts and technology, and business are invited to participate in the 2018 Hackathon and Save Our Future! We need visionaries of all backgrounds; techies and non-techies; dreamers and doers; fixers and inventors.

The annual CSUMB Hackathon combines students from CSUMB, MPC, Cabrillo and Hartnell for a weekend of creative tech development. Teams work through the weekend to come up with innovative solutions to social and global issues of the day, and display their prototypes at the end of the weekend.

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Startup Hackathon 2018 Winners

1st place – Lie Detector

Team Members:

Setsuka Aust
Shaun Kallis
Mo Oh
Erick Shaffer
Michael Waters

Lie Detector group photo

2nd place – Disaster Response

Team Members

Matt Connolly
Cody Regalado
Eric Tinoco
Julia Werner

Disaster Response group photo


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